A Red Card Against Violence Campaign


#unrossoallaviolenza - in English the hashtag says “a red card against violence” and it is a campaign in which top Italian football players play with a bright red streak on their faces to increase public awareness of violence against women.

I think this is a great initiative and hope it spreads to other countries and other sports.


Brilliant! I did see those red smudges on the Juventus teams faces in recent match on TV. Stupidly I thought the players were trying to set a new fashion trend. Well, I suppose they were in a way. I hope it spreads to other sports and countries also.


That’s a great initiative they started there. I’d like to see it filter down to all the levels of football and to amateur clubs as well. Maybe we should just all smear some red lippy on our cheeks and see how many people know why we’ve done it?