A.M. Radio - Do you listen to it?


Do you ever listen to A.M. radio at all? What radio stations do you listen to that are just on A.M. radio?


I have not listened to the radio in years. I am not into talk radio and I am really not into music either. I guess I would just rather watch videos on Youtube than listen to things on the radio.


We have a local 24/7 sports talk radio station that is on A.M. radio. I listen to that station quite a bit as I love sports. I get to hear all their analysis and insight on sports subjects.


What exactly is the difference from A.M and FM? Do channels on AM even get a steady stream of listeners? Sounds like a lot of people aren’t even aware of A.M, I am but was unaware it was still in use!


I tend to listen to the radio on a daily basis however I will be honest and say that I have never listened to a radio station on AM and never had the need to. All radio stations I listen to are on FM. I honestly could not tell you what the difference is though as it has always confused me what the difference is or may be.


AM is more for talk radio and sports LeetleBandit. FM tends to me mostly music. I am not sure who decided this but it has been this way since as long as I could remember.


I don’t listening to any radio stations anymore as I used to do


I used to listen to AM for Yankees games, but they started broadcasting those on FM as well so no real use for me anymore.


Nah. I haven’t listened to the radio in months, this includes Sirius XM which I have a subscription to but don’t use. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I never listen to AM. Anyway, AM has simply gone the way of talk radio, at least in the US, but I bet that’s changing as satellite radio and whatnot is possibly making AM literally extinct. Anyway, though, I could be wrong, as I bet gospel talk and music has taken over in many places.


Oh wow, but what would the technological differences be? I guess it’s interchageable (You could do sports on FM and music on AM) but it’s just the norm? or is FM technologically superior for better music quality?


I’m not a fan of listening to the radio. Too many commercials and people presenting the “shows” talk too much in between songs :smiley:
However, I did listen to it a while ago, both AM and FM. It’s a GREAT way to learn some Italian. People on the radio have to make themselves understood, so they don’t talk as fast as they do in"real life". Also, hearing the same commercials over and over again tends to stick with you, so it’s a great way to learn new words!


I only listen to AM if I’m stuck in traffic for an ungodly amount of time.
Usually only FM or XM. When it’s XM, music only. I don’t really like talk radio.