8 Days Under the Tuscan Sun Cooking Holiday in Italy


I know I have written about this culinary vacation before but I am really getting excited. 8 Days Under the Tuscan Sun Cooking Holiday sounds wonderful. The itinerary is very specific and the cost is $2,112. I don’t think this includes air fare though. Have any of you ever done this?


Patricia that vacation looks delightful and relaxing! It sounds like a fun experience to cook with a popular chef. I’ve not tried a culinary tour before; I just learned it was thing from you all here. I’d love to try one in the future!


The more I research this Drew, the better it sounds. Not only do you get to cook with the popular chef, you also get to see some of the local attractions and of course you get to eat authentic Italian food, I want to do more research on this before I commit. Will keep you informed.


Patricia, thanks for the posts about the culinary-related tours! You must have liked them a lot.

This interesting offer is rather expensive, though. I’d prefer the dishes made by the locals at home as they usually capture the traditional values better. The popular chefs usually cater to some international standards so the food may be different from the original.