6,000 years old wine found in Sicily


If you ever wondered how old is the wine and the wine making activity, you’ll be surprised (or not) to find out that it is at least 6,000 years old as reported by TheGuardian.

Researchers have discovered traces of what could be the world’s oldest wine at the bottom of terracotta jars in a cave in Sicily, showing that the fermented drink was being made and consumed in Italy more than 6,000 years ago.

Previously scientists had believed winemaking developed in Italy around 1200 BC, but the find by a team from the University of South Florida pushes that date back by at least three millennia.

The discovery “fills us with joy”, said Alessio Planeta, a winemaking expert and historian from the area, which remains one of Italy’s most important wine-producing regions. “Before this, we used to thinking Sicily’s wine culture arrived with the island’s colonisation by the ancient Greeks.”

Now, stop for a second and think about the 6,000 years ago figure. That’s something not so easily to comprehend.


The wine back then was cleaner than water so more people were drinking wine because of that. I’m not surprised to see wine traced back that long ago. Wine has been around throughout history. Pretty cool that it was found in a cave in Sicily. That would have been a great discovery.


Hmm, I wonder how it tasted back then compared to now. I think Canadian is right about it being cleaner and likely why it was drank more. Clean water in most places was not easy to find unless you lived in a wealthy place.


Wow! I wonder what that specific 6000 year old wine must taste like now! Probably not that great considering they may have not mastered the art of wine making then, but still, 6000 years!


That’s an awesome piece of history. I love learning about these types of things. It’s also part of why Europe as a whole is fascinating. There’s just so much history, some right out in front of your, like architecture, and other, smaller details like this. Thanks for sharing!


Oh wow! That must be an amazing tasting bottle! I wonder how much some thing like that would sell for, or if it would be sold at all.


That is amazing! Even making an attempt to think back to 6000 years ago I couldn’t even imagine what anything would be like back then never mind things such as wine. I wonder how much different the wine would have tasted though back then, I mean they would have had different ways of making the wine back then which I would imagine would have made a difference to the taste.


I am not surprised that wine was made that long ago. That means that the wine we have now was developed over 6000 years so it should be really good! At least I think it is! I’m a real wine lover and can’t wait to get to Italy to try their’s out.


Would probably just be vinegar now!
I wonder what types of wines they made 6000 years ago.


Wow! I just saw this and I’m all sorts of interested in information about this. Is it actually currently the oldest alcohol that’s been found? I’m not quite sure if I’d actually want to go ahead and taste it, but I am curious just how much more wine is hidden all around Italy.


Too bad it’s just traces. I’d be very curious to taste it. But perhaps they can somehow reconstruct how the wine is made by analyzing the stuff.