2017 Solar Eclipse


The big day was yesterday Monday August 21, 2017 for the total solar Eclipse. Lot’s of people traveled to the states to watch it.

Did you get to see it? Where were you when you saw it?

I didn’t get to see much of it live in Canada where I live but I did watch a live stream of it from NASA’s website of the American version and that was really amazing. It makes me wish I was there in person to see it but thankfully I got to see it live stream.


Being that I live in the UK, we did have a chance to see a partial eclipse however that was depending on whether or not the clouds cleared. Where I live, they did not clear unfortunately and I missed it. I did however watch the total eclipse on the news and I have seen images of it including once from NASA which looked absolutely amazing!


Yes it was really amazing watching it on live stream on NASA’s website. If more people knew about this opportunity I think more would have watched it. NASA really did a great job with their broadcast and it was a lot of fun to watch.


I was not in the area to see it unfortantly but I did watch it on a live stream. I loved seeing the effects and how something so simple and amazing could bring people together. It was a nice change from all the political drama.


I watched this online and while I could not get the full effect of it being live, it is still cool to see. Wish I had seen it in person tho.


The zone to see the full eclipse, unfortunately, wasn’t thru my area (Northeast Tennessee), but rather to the south or southwest in Greenville, South Carolina or (near) Knoxville, TN. However, it was interesting to see things get cooler on a 90 something degree day and also to get that evening look, though there were no rainclouds.


Witnessing how a bright new day turned into night in seconds was an enriching experience, the process of dusk comes slowly and unnoticed, but the event of August 21, gives me a firsthand experience. With this alone, am glad I did witness the total eclipse for the first time.


We didn’t get the full eclipse here, but it was definitely an amazing experience.

I had researched ion advance when the best time would be for my area to see the eclipse, it was going to be at 2:38 PM.
It was a nice and sunny day, and I stepped outside right at 2:38. Everything seemed really ‘still’, not sure how to explain it. Then the crickets started to sing and the chickens went in the coop. Outside, it looked like the golden hour, you know, the hour of twilight before it gets dark. It was super cool.


I was working so I didn’t get to watch it but I did see it get dark and then bright again outside. I wasn’t really interested, though, in the first place. There are 4 of these a year (supposedly) so what made that one special?


You are correct that a total eclipse of the Sun is not a rare occurrence. The average is once every 18 months.

But, a total eclipse of the Sun being visible from the same place is happening once every few hundred of years. Basically, you will only get the chance to see just one in your lifetime from the same city. And there’s a big IF there.


That’s true! So unless you travel to every place that an eclipse occurs, you’d at most get to see one!


This definitely seems to be an American thing. I expect Italians and others, most of them, haven’t heard of it. But of course, they know of the hurricanes.